Jasikevicius: “If we are not well, any team can beat us”

The coach of the Barça, Sarunas Jasikevicius, he warned before the semifinal tie of the League
Endesa against him Lenovo
Tenerife that his team “can beat anyone”, but noted that if he is not well, “any team” can beat him.

The Lithuanian coach urged his men to “learn” from what happened in the second game in Badalona and to be “mentally strong” before a new tie in which if they lose the first game they will have “a lot of pressure”.

Jasikevicius affirmed that they face a rival “with more rest, who has solidly outperformed a good team like Hereda in the quarterfinals. Saint

For the Barça coach, the Lenovo
Tenerife is a “super experienced” team with players like the pivot Emir
Sulejmanovic, who always plays “highly motivated” by his Barça past and a coach, Txus
Vidorreta, which is “very clear” what he plays.

“It is very difficult to get them out of their game because they have very clear ideas and that is why they are being so successful in League
Endesa as in Europe “, added the Barcelona coach.

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