Jasikevicius: “Hopefully we can raise our level further”

Jasikevicius, Barça coach, has been optimistic and hopeful for the start of the Final Four. “I see them excited, eager,” Saras said this Monday at the press conference held by the club prior to the Cologne appointment. “In the last ten days we have been able to rest a bit and train hard. They have tried very hard and we have played two pretty good games. Now we have three or four more training sessions, I travel to Cologne and hopefully we can raise the level further ”, he added.

The Lithuanian coach was reminded that the regular phase leader has never managed to prevail in the Final
Four and responded with good humor. “Why didn’t you tell me a month and a half ago and we could fix it?” Jasikevicius. “Every year is a story and what has happened before does not matter. Any Final Four team can win it and I hope we are also thinking about this. “

When preparing for this weekend’s matches in Cologne, Saras has highlighted the importance of many factors: “Everything is important. Psychological aspect, being hungry, carrying emotions, tactical aspects … we try to work what is necessary. I would not say that one is more important than the other. It is always the whole and a mixture of details. With each level that you pass the details are important and more and more when you raise the level ”.

Also Jasikevicius highlighted the suffering experienced in the playoff against him Zenith as a good learning experience. “Every war is important to us, by losing or winning we are learning. Against Zenit we learned from our mistakes in the first matches at home and from everyone else. It is good to spend these wars together, to improve and to know where we have been good and where we have failed ”.

Asked about the increasingly important role in the team of Leandro
Bolmaro, recently elected the most spectacular player in the ACB, the Barça coach said: “In the second part of the season what they work for always appears, he has been one of the best if not the best in effort because he is an example for the most experienced” , has said. “It pushes the most important and every day it is improving. Now it is giving much more regularity. The Final Four is something else, we have to go little by little, we have a very long squad, a very long squad and whoever has the best day, we will support him ”.

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