“Is your black to meet the quota?”

The German international exporter, Jens Lehmann, he has lost his position at Hertha Berlin, as a member of the Supervisory Board, due to a racist message about former player Dennis Aogo, a commentator for the Sky pay channel.

“Is Dennis your black to meet the quota?”Lehmann wrote in a wasap message that ended up reaching Aogo.

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“Is this serious Jens Lehmann? The secure message was not for me”, Aogo reacted to the message he published on his social networks, which made Lehmann the target of criticism.

Lehmann reacted via twitter today and said his message had created an impression for which he had apologized to Aogo. “As a former international he is very knowledgeable, introduces himself very well and gives Sky a quotaLehmann tried to explain.

Lehmann served on the Hertha Supervisory Board as a representative of the investment group Lars Windhorst. A Windhorsr spokesperson later announced that Lehmann’s contract as a consultant with the Tennor Windhorst company had been terminated and thus also removed from the Hertha Supervisory Board.

Hertha president Werner Gegenbauer had earlier said that there was no place in the Berlin club for people proclaiming racism and subsequently celebrated Tennor Windhorst’s decision. “These types of positions do not correspond to the values ​​defended by Hertha. Hertha distances itself from all forms of racism. That is why we celebrate the decision of the Tennor consortium “Geggenbauer said.

Windhorst has invested more than 300 million euros in Hertha through his company and his idea is that the club, which is currently fighting relegation, will become a regular in the Champions League.

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