HLA Alicante and Breogán seek a ticket to the final of the promotion to ACB

The HLA Alicante faces this Tuesday in Lugo before Breogán (20:15 hours) the first game of the semifinal playoff of the phase of promotion to the ACB League with the aim of maintaining his positive inertia and achieving a victory that allows him to get the series on track.

The set of Pedro Rivero, who will have the home court factor against him again, managed to link two consecutive wins in his previous tie against the TAU Castelló, which allowed him to overcome the series and go to the semifinals.

The HLA Alicante will once again have the short of your base and captain, Pedro Llompart, in a match that has three precedents this season, of which two are favorable to Rivero’s team.

The Alicante team won both games of the regular phase, but fell in overtime in the final of the Princess of Asturias Cup, played on the track of the Lugo team.

They were even matches that fell on our side, but that does not mean that we dominated them”, Said the Segovian coach, who considered Breogán as the favorite for the tie and promotion since the season began.

The coach assured that, despite having met the goal of the season, HLA Alicante will face the game with the maximum self-demand and warned that the Galician team will receive their team “with the alert set after the two defeats in the regular phase.”

“I hope a contact match and that we take Brogán to the limit because that will strengthen us. If we win it would be amazing, but if you can’t, at least you know you can do it, “said Rivero.

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