Hermannsson: “It would be great to get the track advantage for the quarterfinals”

The base of Valencia Basket Martin Hermannsson He pointed out that it would be “great” to finish the regular season in fourth position and thus have the track advantage assured in the quarterfinals.

“We still have options to get it. that’s the goal right now. It is clear that we need to win the next two games to have opportunities and we depend on third parties “, assumed the Icelandic player after participating as ‘ambassador’ in the seventh session of the program ‘One Team’ of corporate responsibility of the Euroleague.

He did it with his partner Derrick Williams, which highlighted the opportunity of playing one game a week before the title playoffs.

“Right now we are having the opportunity, practically for the first time in the whole season, to train very hard and also to rest and recover properly. Ten days between games is great for any team to prepare and improve, “he said.

“It’s going to give us the opportunity to focus first on doing our best in these two remaining games in the Regular League and see if then we have a chance to get that fourth place and home court advantage. Hopefully this time will be good for us to arrive as well as possible ”, said the American.

Regarding their work as ambassadors in this social program, Hermannsson said it is something gratifying. “Basketball brings people together. If I think of all the people that I have met in my life solely through basketball, I have made some of my best friends thanks and I have some of my best memories thanks to basketball. Basketball makes us stronger ”, he assured.

Williams stated that being able to take part in these initiatives is “one of the beautiful parts of this profession, since it gives the possibility of helping others and teaching the importance of teamwork with an attitude, which is the only thing you can control every day and is a nice lesson that we have tried to convey to you this morning.

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