Hamilton ridicules Formula 1 that has made him a legend: “It’s a billionaire kids’ club”

Lewis Hamilton, at the press conference prior to the Portuguese GP

Lewis Hamilton, at the press conference prior to the Portuguese GP
Lewis Hamilton, at the press conference prior to the Portuguese GP

Lewis hamilton returns to controversy in a interview for the newspaper AS in which he has played different aspects that surround Formula 1. The British pilot has spoken about his personal relationship with the sport, his fight against racism and in favor of equality and about the future of the ‘Great Circus’ and its pilots, against whom has loaded hard.

Lando Norris, McLaren driver

McLaren literally passes the game on Lando Norris renewal

The seven-time F1 champion has crossed out “a billionaire kids club“to the new generation of drivers who are standing out, when asked by the Sainz, Leclerc or Norris.” For me, personally, we live in a time when this has become a billionaire kids’ club. If I had to start over from a working class family, it would be impossible for him to be here today. Because the other boys would have so much more money“, he opined.

However, Leclerc and Norris were put at the level of a Verstappen whom he does not see as his clear heir. “There is a good pool of young talents here. Given the opportunity, Lando has enormous potential for me, and so does Charles. I do not know to predict who of them will lead this sport“.

Also with regard to the future, with his involved in a great unknown especially in recent times, his unhappy with the new rules that will be implemented next year drops that will continue, at least, one more year. “I did an 18-inch tire test to find out what the difference is, how it will affect me as a driver when it comes to driving the car next year. The cars will be heavier and slower, and that. it seems like a step back to me“, he assures.

“We should be faster and more efficient, these cars were better when they were lighter. But those in charge have made those decisions and there is nothing left but to assume it, “he adds about the changes.

Of course, the maximum term that leaves is that five years from now it will not continue running, when asked if he will continue with Raikkonen’s age “I would have five years left for that, and I don’t think I will continue running then, even if you never say never …“, it states

The fight against racism, above all

Hamilton was also asked about the fight against racism that he always defends and that It is their “priority”, above Formula 1 and the search for a new World Cup. However, he does not hide that driving “he has enjoyed it since he was a child”, while discrimination is a problem against which he “fights because it will not be easy to solve it”.

Lewis Hamilton, during a demonstration against racism

Lewis Hamilton pressures Formula 1 to maintain its campaign against racism: “Inequalities persist”

The seven-time world champion recounts how he adapted to a sport in which there has never been another black person. “My father, my brother, and I were always the only people of color, it was normal for us although we were always aware “, he begins, before noting that” it was obvious that they were not welcome “and that nowadays “it’s the same”.

In the same way, Hamilton explains that he has carried out the creation of a commission to bring to light the challenges black people face with the purpose of “unite and educate“.” In my case, I have uncomfortable conversations with my boss, with Mercedes, with sponsors, we must have them and we should not be ashamed, but see what we can do together to achieve a more diverse F1, like any other business. It will take time, it won’t change overnight, but we are all the same even if our skin color is different“he says hopefully.

All this suggests that Hamilton will continue linked to Formula 1 once he has retired, something that he does not hide either. “Because of my role in this sport to promote diversity, it will take a long time before we see drastic changes, perhaps in ten or twenty years. I will have to talk to people like Stefano Domenicali “, he concludes.

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