Giancarlo Stanton’s Grand Slam allows the Yankees to come back and tie Boston in the wild-card race

Giancarlo Stanton's home run allows the Yankees to tie at ...

Giancarlo Staton’s career with the Yankees has not lived up to expectations. Injuries have prevented the Bronx from seeing the best version of the 2017 NL MVP, with more playoff failures than decisive plays. Four years of more sorrow than glory, but Saturday may have made the claim, as a Grand Slam in the bottom of the eighth allowed New York to win 5-3 at Fenway Park, clinch the series against the Red Sox and tie Boston in the wild-card race.

So Boston and New York will wake up with the same 88-67 record. facing the last common game of the regular phase. The Red Sox have won the private series, whatever happens on Sunday, but Sunday’s win ever closer the possibility of the most fierce rivalry in the majors will be seen in the wild card game of the American League, as they are 2.5 games ahead of Toronto and Seattle with one week remaining in the regular season.

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