Frankie Ferrari’s injury precipitates his departure from Baxi Manresa

The Baxi Manresa announced this Wednesday the termination of the Italian-American guard’s contract Frankie ferrari, who leaves the discipline of the Catalan club to recover in his country from the injury he suffers in his foot.

A story that repeats itself, as last season the player also left the team before the end of the season to recover from a fracture in the fifth metatarsal in his left hand. At that time he left the team in the middle of the season, now he does so with only two days to play.

Ferrari was injured after the match against Movistar Students and played before him Joventut of Badalona already ‘touched’. For the last duel played by the Catalan team against Coosur Betis, the point guard was no longer with the squad.

Ferrari He began his second stage at the Manresa club last February and has played 11 games, averaging 11.8 points and 5.3 assists.

In this second stage, the Italian-American has played one game less than in the first (at that time there were 12), but with improved statistics compared to the previous season.

Ferrari He has played this season for three different teams in the Endesa League. He started in the ranks of the Herbalife Gran Canaria, but it did not materialize in the project of Porfirio Fisac.

So, Luis Casimiro gave him a temporary chance with the Unicaja from Malaga to replace the injury problems, but it did not consolidate either.

Finally, the Baxi Manresa He opted to recover a player who was very important at the start of the previous season, although again, injuries have precipitated his departure.

Without Frankie ferrari, the situation of the bases in the Baxi Manresa it is delicate. With the injury of Dani perez for the remainder of the season and the last minute withdrawal of the Italian-American, the team trained by Pedro Martinez has only one natural game director on the roster: Dani garcia, player who was on loan to Girona Basketball and that the Catalan club got him back in the middle of the season. During the season the contract of the Belgian guard was also terminated Jonathan Tabu.

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