Formula 1 apologizes to the fans for the absurdity of the Belgian GP: “Safety must always be the priority”

Belgian GP grid in the rain

Belgian GP grid in the rain
Belgian GP grid in the rain

What lived in the Belgian GP from Formula 1 of 2021 has left the seams that the organization of the championship has in view. Almost four hours waiting to see three laps following the safety car is not what the tens of thousands of fans who returned to the stands and the slopes of the legendary circuit of Spa-Francorchamps expected.

The Belgian GP in the rain

Surreal Belgian GP: starts three hours late due to the rain, takes three laps … and finishes it

For this reason, and for the hundreds of thousands of viewers on televisions around the world, Formula 1 issued a statement of apology and explanation about what was seen:

“Following the major weather disruption at the Belgian Grand Prix, the FIA ​​and Formula 1 are disappointed by all the fans on the track and at home because today’s race could not reach the full distance, but the safety of pilots, stewards and spectators must always be the priority. The stewards’ decision to widen the window in which the race could take place gave every possible opportunity to maximize the race day, but unfortunately the weather conditions did not improve enough to complete more laps. “

Many spectators have wondered if there would be a refund of the ticket money, something that at the moment does not seem to happen, since, strictly, a Formula 1 race was held. Even if it was only three laps behind the safety car.

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