Foreign players call for Israel league to be canceled

The increase in hostilities between Israel and the Palestinian strip of Loop, with rocket fire from both sides towards the other, has caused foreign players participating in the Israeli basketball league, the Winner league, have asked for the competition to be canceled because they feel their safety is in danger.

A large number of players shared a statement through their social networks, among which were Othello Hunter, CJ Harris, Tyrus mcgee
, Josh Nebo, Suleiman Braimoh, Elijah thomas, Justin tillman, Terrell parks, Stanton Kidd, Markel Brown, Casey prather, Reggie upshaw Y Darryl monroe.

All matches in Israel have been postponed due to current circumstances. Images of a second division game in which, after the missile alarm began to sound, the players had to stop the game and lay down on the ground in an atmosphere of fear and surprise.

Full text of the statement

“After consulting and having long and difficult conversations with our fellow (foreign) players from all teams, we have come to the following conclusion.

In our interest, safety, family and mental health, the league must be canceled with immediate effect.

We appreciate the efforts of the Winner League to provide us with security by taking us to Greece / Cyprus or another foreign location, but we will not get on any other plane than the one that returns us home. Our feeling is that if we must take any risk to travel, it can only be to return to our homes, to our families and loved ones.

Some of us feel more secure staying here in Israel and not flying elsewhere. We also support them and the decision they have made.

Anyway, and considering all the scenarios, one thing is certain and that is that basketball is the last of our concerns at the moment. Because of the way we love this sport, what we do, the fans and competing at the highest level that playing the Winner League entails, we cannot just have a clear mind and offer the best product for the fans under the current situation we are experiencing. .

Peace and love to all and please keep us safe ”.

UPDATE (11:48 AM)

The Israeli basketball league, the Winner League, has just announced that its competition will resume next Wednesday, May 19, with all the teams concentrated in one bubble In the town of Eilat. Teams can start traveling to Eilat starting today. As soon as the situation allowed it, the teams could return to play the matches in their own pavilions.

Three games a day will be played in the Eilat bubble starting next Wednesday. The Winner league considers that this measure guarantees the safety of its players.

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