Fernando Alonso starts the Monaco GP with an accident against the wall

Alonso accident in the Monaco GP practice

Alonso accident in the Monaco GP practice
Alonso’s accident in the Monaco GP practice

The start of the long weekend of Monaco GP (as always here it starts on Thursday and not on Friday) for Fernando Alonso it started with fright. The Asturian pilot saw how the first free practice session was interrupted for him prematurely, due to a small touch that was given halfway through the batch against the wall.

Fernando Alonso, with the Aprilia RS660

Fernando Alonso appears in Monaco with a spectacular sporty Aprilia motorcycle

The limits of the track in the Principality are set by the walls, with the exception of the curve of Santa Devota and the chicane after the tunnel. For this reason, any braking pass is very expensive. This is what happened to Alonso.

Spanish, what I hadn’t filmed here since 2018, he entered the last corner of the winding Monegasque route too optimistically, and although he tried to avoid it, he ran into the side guardrail of the variant of Anthony Noghes. The Alpine’s front wing came down and, since he had already passed the pit entrance, he had to give the car a full lap in these conditions.

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, in the background

Fernando Alonso admits what the numbers already warn: Esteban Ocon portrays his return to Formula 1

Alonso was testing the hard tires, again with a different program than his teammate. The Asturian has yet to understand the behavior of the Pirelli, which is being his big Achilles heel on the return to Formula 1, and that causes you to make some improper mistakes.

After replacing the nose, he went out onto the track without major difficulties and was able to complete the session despite the scare (although he also tried Santa Devota’s escape).

He was not the only one with difficulties in this start of the Monaco GP. Charles Leclerc, a local driver, was unable to ride much due to a problem in the gearbox of his Ferrari. While, Carlos Sainz he fought for the best times with the Mercedes and the Red Bulls … although he also hit the wall, with no major consequences than a scare and a radio warning.

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