Fernando Alonso rejected an offer from Aston Martin to replace Sebastian Vettel in 2022

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel greet each other at the Azerbaijan GP

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel greet each other at the Azerbaijan GP
Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel greet each other at the Azerbaijan GP
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Fernando Alonso is one of the most respected drivers on the grid Formula 1. At 40 years old, he is still competitive like the first day, but with the added experience, so having his services is something that many teams would like.

One of them was Aston martin. According has unveiled ‘Auto Und Motor Sport’, the owner of the Silverstone-based team, the billionaire Lawrence Stroll, he approached the Spaniard to test him as possible replacement for Sebastian Vettel. Although the German is showing good performances, including a podium at the Azerbaijan GP, ‚Äč‚ÄčLance Stroll’s father considered the possibility of sign Alonso for 2022.

Fernando Alonso announces his renewal with Alpine.

Fernando Alonso renews with Alpine with a very clear objective: to win his third Formula 1 world championship

The Spanish rejected the offer. You feel at ease in Alpine, the team that has returned to Formula 1, and is confident about the next season when the major regulatory changes are going to take place with which it is intended to shuffle the order of the grid and give relief to other teams beyond Mercedes. The German squad is precisely a partner of Aston Martin.

Although Vettel is meeting the expected expectations, from the green car squad they are studying other options due to the contractual situation they have, although everything indicates that they will renew.

“We have a contract for one year plus another, which stipulates certain dates in which we have to decide. The deadline has not yet been met,” explained the team leader, Otmar Szafnauer. “There is a window of time in which we want to sit down. That is not very far. We like Sebastian and he loves us. Now we have to talk about how it should go next year,” he said.

Aston Martin favorite for 2022?

Although the past bull is easy to analyze, the truth is that Fernando Alonso has rejected several teams that later were dominators. Happened with Red bull, who tried to hire him in 2009 and the following year began his winning cycle. Own Mercedes, even though Brackley’s team was Honda, he also tested the Spanish and later as Brawn gp they also approached him, and even already with the current nomenclature. They have seven consecutive World Cups.

For this reason, that Alonso rejects Aston Martin has been seen as a kind of ‘blessing’ to the British team. They have money to spare, they have a ‘top’ pilot and another who is there for being the boss’s son, in addition to the technical support of Mercedes, so it is not ruled out that it will make the final leap in 2022.

Other teams also asked for Alonso, he rejected them and they ended up failing the same. The best example is Toyota, who in the first years of the Asturian in Formula 1 was interested in their services and, like Aston Martin now, they also had a huge budget. They left through the back door of the Great Circus, although later their relationship with Alonso was successfully resumed in the World Endurance.

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