Fernando Alonso advances “big news” with a strange coded tweet

Fernando Alonso, at a press conference

Fernando Alonso, at a press conference
Fernando Alonso, at a press conference

Fernando Alonso is going to give great news this Thursday, although to discover it it has been necessary to have knowledge of cryptography. The original way to advance that there will be an important announcement has been through a tweet.

Fernando Alonso

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The message could not be more absurd for the less experienced: “BTV vras ​​nduvrg ddwa. Eno iw giadt gby awa, Q’z xwptbvrg ewqf mn ndlr !!!!”.

The answers were immediate, and among jokes the fans wondered what Alonso meant: from those who pointed out that he had simply left twitter open on his mobile and written inadvertently, to those who pointed out that it was a way of asking the signing of Mbappé for his Real Madrid, the topic of the moment.

Between jokes, the responses to that strange tweet by Esteban Ocon, Alonso’s partner, and the team that pays them both, Alpine, made fans suspicious.

The French rider replied: “I mtb lsu pkmecoyt evpl hdzx sue lpnx yzj’zr enydcagiyv agvatvpg ewln” to Alonso’s message and the team (this time in normal English) already confirmed that there was a cat locked up: “We have a KEY role in this.”

The mystery has been solved: Alonso and Ocon’s tweets are encoded under the Vigenère cipher. This system substitutes the letters of the alphabet for others, so that if the equivalence of one with the other is known, messages apparently incomprehensible to everyone can be written but that, in reality, hide secret messages.

Passing the messages through a decoder, the conversation of the Alpine riders are translated as follows:

  • ALONSO: “Big news soon. And to move it forward, I’m tweeting this in code.”
  • OCON: “I bet everyone is trying to figure out what you are advertising.”
  • ALONSO: “We will see, we will see. You have 24 hours to find out.”

It remains to be known what that announcement is, which will take place at the gates of the Belgian GP with which Formula 1 returns to action.

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