Exchange Joao Félix for Griezmann

Speculation continues about the restructuring of the Barça squad for next season. The last one was announced this Tuesday in Esport ‘3’ by the journalist Lluís Canut, who assured that the azulgrana team wishes to exchange Griezmann for Joao Félix this summer.

Canut assured that the fact that Jorge Mendes is the agent of the Portuguese attacker favors the options that the barter can be carried out. According to the aforementioned information, Atlético would be delighted with the possibility of being able to recover a Griezmann who has already made history in the ‘mattress’ team, while Barça would seek to get rid of the high record of the French.

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Said barter would have already been on the table last summer, but then Atlético would have rejected the possibility considering it an unequal exchange. Now, said supposed inequality would no longer be such after Griezmann’s more than correct season and something disappointing on the part of Joao Félix.

This same Tuesday, in statements to ‘El Larguero’, Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético de Madrid, spoke both about a possible return of Griezmann and about a hypothetical departure of Joao Félix. “Hopefully to get Griezmann back, but I don’t think Barça wants to get rid of him”, He said about the French. On the Portuguese, he was blunt: “There is no option that he leaves the team.”

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