Eddie Rosario, to get in exchange at the deadline, to MVP of the Championship Series

Rosario, the MVP of the Atlanta Braves.

ANDThere are those who call him the new Mr. October and his figures prove it. Eddie Rosario is becoming the charm and was a key piece for the Atlanta Braves to return to the World Series.

With a franchise record and only the fifth player in baseball history to have hit 14 hits in a postseason series, Rosario was named as the MVP of the Championship Series against the Dodgers.

Even this Saturday the name of Pablo Sandoval became a trend on social networks, as it was the piece delivered by Atlanta in the trade with Cleveland right at the trade deadline, something all Braves fans are grateful for today.

“This is a dream. Something that I will never forget in my life. When I was a child I always walked through the parks imagining a moment like this and look where I am now “, were the words of the outfielder after receiving the award as the most valuable player on the diamond.

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