Double challenge for the women’s team

By dint of constant success it might seem that the Spanish women’s team has few motivating goals left each summer. The fact is that the challenge is multiplied this year with the high-level double appointment, European Y Olympic Games, and the highest ambition remains intact.

With that objective, it was presented this Monday at the headquarters of Endesa on Madrid to the group of 17 players with whom the coach has started to work Luke
Mondelo. From the experience of a Laia Palau that at 41 he will make history playing his tenth Eurobasket until the newcomer Laia flowers, the team once again has the talent and the physical and technical capacity to maintain excellence.

“First of all, we must focus on the Eurobasket because there we can turn our history into a legend,” said the coach. Luke
Mondelo. “In addition, a medal would give us the baggage to go with confidence to the Olympic Games, it would be a very positive inertia,” he added.

The Eurobasket will be played between Spain Y France from June 17 to 27 and a few weeks later, from July 24, the Olympic event will arrive in Tokyo, where the team is already classified.

Mondelo He seemed satisfied with the choice made, although now he will have some time to think about discards. “You have a hard time making the list, but that’s good for Spanish women’s basketball. Here we see the present, but there is also a lot of future ”, he affirmed. “On a physical level, I am convinced that it will go well, and you have to work on your mind. We can turn history into legend and that will be the motivation ”.

Laia Palau in her speech at the Madrid event.

Laia Palau in her speech at the Madrid event.

Before the big championships the Federation has planned the dispute of six friendlies in Toulouse, Cordova Y Valencia, where the team will finalize its set-up.

Captain Laia Palau showed the motivation of the group by ensuring that “we play at home, we are very excited and we will fight to reach our ceiling; the results will come. ” Sunrise Torrens, another of the references, stressed that “it is a special year, because for me it is to return to the national team. Illusion is the word and what moves us all. We are going to give the best of ourselves, and that ensures that we compete ”.

As Olympic runner-up and champion of Europe In three of the last four editions, the demand for the national team will be high but that does not seem to scare the players or the Federation. “This Championship is special, because it is played at home, because we can get another medal, but above all because in times of pandemic we can have the leaders of Spanish women’s basketball in the window for three months.” said the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa before the team left for Valencia, where it will carry out its set-up.

The event yesterday was also attended by the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes; the deputy mayor of the Madrid City Council, Begoña Villacís, and the general director of Communication of Endesa, Ignacio Jimenez.

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