Donald Trump, the Astros’ charm for Game 4 of the World Series

Trump will attend Game 3 of the 2021 World Series.

LThe World Series has already landed in Atlanta so that This Friday the third game between Braves and Astros will be played, where it has been reported that Former President Donald Trump will be present at the fourth game.

But this could represent good news for the team that Dusty Baker commands, as the last time Trump was present at a World Series game was in the Astros’ win over the Nationals in 2019, so it would be his amulet.

We will have to wait to see the reaction of the public if the former president appears on the screens throughout this Game 4, then Atlanta was withdrawn from the 2021 All Star Game due to a discriminatory law that was passed at the beginning of the year with the intention of limiting the vote of African Americans.

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