Dodgers place Max Scherzer as the starter of the first game of the Championship Series

Lyou Los Angeles Dodgers define final details for the NL Championship Series matchup against the Atlanta Braves to select the next guest to the Fall Classic. Max Scherzer will be in charge of opening the match of this Saturday, October 16 in a series that includes up to seven games.

The pitcher was a key piece for his team to win against the San Francisco Giants in the previous round, two days before their next meeting. There will be no rest, but apparently the Dodgers are confident one of his best athletes on the diamond so far this season.

Cody Bellinger, a fellow player at the Los Angeles institution, only said: “That’s Scherzer being Scherzer. “ On the Braves side there are no surprises either, as manager Brian Snitker also stated in this regard: “That won’t surprise me“, words given before the Atlanta training session according to NBC.

It should be noted that the Dodgers are the defending champions and precisely last year they beat the Braves before entering the World Series which they ended up winning. In that appointment prior to the Fall Classic, they finished up to seven games.

The Braves have already started their game plan and if nothing weird happens, Scherzer will face Max Fried, left-handed that will seek to hit all the possible balls.

Snitker spoke more about the Dodgers’ next starter by referring to the 13 pitches Scherzer made in the ninth against the Giants. The player struck out a couple of strikeouts but the controversy arose when the first base umpire pointed out that Wilmer Flores swung at the ball that Scherzer threw despite television replays suggesting he didn’t even flinch.

Within the numbers for the pitcher it should be noted that he has a 2.46 ERA at Washington and so far this season with a 15-4 record. While with Los Angeles is 7-0 in 1.98 ERA with 11 starts. Not forgetting that he has 12 1/3 innings in playoff games.

Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman guessed Scherzer would be the starter according to NBC. “I bet he will come back tomorrow and pitch against us and it will be Max Scherzer.” Freddie will be alongside Morton and Ian Wilson in a triple rotation to try to solve the first part of the game.

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