Dodgers bullpen fails again: Buehler’s terrifying tackle that doomed his start

The Dodgers had a terrifying fourth inning against the Braves ...

Lyou Dodgers fall victim to their bullpen again in the starts. In a single entry the opener Walker Buehler squandered the lead of his team’s two runs and allowed Atlanta’s comeback.

After the second game the relievers weren’t up to scratch either, Dave Roberts he was confident the bulppen would redeem himself from the first inning. Buehler was the designated to start the third duel and Although he was compliant in the first innings, the duel soon took a 180 degree turn.

The situation got complicated since Riley connected for a double that left men at second and third. Although there was an out, the Braves responded with Pederson, who with a single drove in to Freeman.

The panorama it didn’t improve when Duvall also hit the hit to even the game. To make matters worse, Buehler issued the first passport to leave the house full. It was then that Swanson produced the hit for Atlanta to come with Pederson’s third run.

And while Buehler struck out Morto, a terrifying walk allowed Braves to ‘wheelie’ the fourth run. Roberts couldn’t take it any longer and decided to take out his starter who has been in debt with three strikeouts and seven hits allowed.

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