Djokovic pronounces on the march of the WTA of China on the Peng Shuai case

Novak Djokovic wanted to comment on the WTA’s decision not to hold its tournaments in China until a fair and transparent investigation is conducted after the complaint of sexual assault made public by tennis player Peng Shuai and about which the Chinese government has not yet given explanations.

Djokovic responded on this matter at the press conference following Serbia’s victory over Kazakhstan in the quarterfinals of the Davis Cup Finals, showing himself in favor of the decision made by the WTA. “I am not the president of the PTPA, I am just one of the founders. The position of the PTPA is always to support tennis players, it is an organization of players. I fully support the WTA’s decision because we do not have enough information about Shuai Peng, her health and well-being and the tennis community is making every effort to find her. Nobody, whether on the male or female circuit, deserves something like this to happen to them. “

The world number one also calls for more union from all levels of tennis when dealing with cases such as Peng Shuai and was skeptical about whether the ATP will make the same decision as the WTA about its tournaments in China.. “I have not seen anything wrong with the decision of the WTA and everyone, including the ATP, must ask themselves what is going to happen now. We do not have enough information, and I think it is a very brave decision of the WTA. I haven’t seen the news and I know because you just told me. I have to see more details, but I support the decision. I think it is important that we support each other, the ATP, the WTA, the PTPA and the players. If this contributes positively, I will be here. “

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