Djokovic decides his favorite superhero before US Open

Djokovic decides his favorite superhero before US Open

Before the action begins in the US Open (August 30 to September 12), everything is laughter and a good atmosphere. There will be time to feel the tension of the competition at Flushing Meadows. It is because of that the press conferences prior to the start of the American Grand Slam leave us funny moments, like the one starred a few hours ago by Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian attended to fans telematically from the press room, but surely he did not expect that a young man asked him about his favorite superhero. Here is the extract of this curious sequence:

-Early in your career, people compared you to Gumby. Now they compare you to Spiderman. Which one do you like the most?

What was the first part of the question? Spiderman or?


What is Gumby?

-A small clay figure.

I happen to Spiderman. But maybe after your question I’ll think about Gumy or Gumby? Is that your favorite superhero?


Who is your favourite superhero?

-I do not know (laughs)

You know what, maybe Spiderman. Who knows. I’m just looking at what Gumby is, the green elastic. Yes, it looks fun.

Will Djokovic leave an image on the track of his Spiderman’s characteristic pose when trying to reach some impossible ball? Meme creators are already rubbing their hands …

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