Direct: Fernando Alonso, for another magical exit to seek to surprise in Monza

Fernando Alonso, in Monza

Fernando Alonso, in Monza
Fernando Alonso, in Monza

A somewhat unusual grill with which the Italian GP, in a career in which Max Verstappen is the main favorite again to get the 25 points. Hamilton, far from being ruled out to become champion in Monza, something that he has not achieved since 2018, he will have to put the batteries early to climb positions from the fourth position from which it will start. Among the leaders of the World Championship, the two McLaren, who have demonstrated their intention to give the bell in this Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso

Alonso resigns himself: “The tenth place is where we deserve to be due to rhythm, we don’t deserve more”

Fernando Alonso, for his part, will have his eyes on the first few laps again waiting for take out your ‘magic’ again to advance positions, as he has been doing every time he climbs the Alpine. Already in the sprint on Saturday, he left two impressive overtakes to Vettel and Ocon to start from tenth place.

Something later, from the seventh drawer, Carlos Sainz will come out, on a complicated circuit for Ferraris whose top speed leaves much to be desired at home. The Spaniard, however, hopes that the madness of 2020 will be repeated to get back on the podium, this time, at the home of the Scuderia.

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