Devin Booker: “I have turned the page, I have little memory”

Phoenix Suns seek to storm Milwaukee Bucks fiefdom in the fourth game of the NBA Finals 2021 and thus be one step away from the coveted ring, a title never achieved by the franchise. After his problems in the third match of the tie, Devin Booker He says that he has already forgotten about his freezing night.

“I have turned the page, I have little memory”, ironized the point guard of the Arizona team in reference to his 10-point game (3-14 TC; 1-7 3P). “I understand the task ahead, and that is enough for me to understand that I must improve if we want to win.”

In order to Monty williams, Suns coach, your team should play with more strength”. What does this mean? He tried to explain it himself: “We have to sprint tirelessly on both sides of the track., reach the corners in attack and come back fast in defense and be a wall “.

That wall has already become famous, they call it the “Giannis wall”, a defense prepared to try to curb the might of the Greek star under the hoops. Phoenix’s idea is not to completely stop Antetokounmpo, but to reduce its areas of greatest impact.

Chris Paul, however, he did not seem very enthusiastic about the work ahead. “It doesn’t matter how you score, because you get it one way or another”, assured the base. “We are going to try to stop him, try to slow down … and for us, whether we stop him or not, the important thing is to win the game ”.

Giannis Antetokounmpo has scored more than 100 points in the first three games of the NBA Finals, a statistic that in the past only achieved Rick Barry, Allen Iverson and Shaquille O’Neal. Despite his knee problems, the Greek seems to have reached his best form at record speed.

Right now, the key to Phoenix is ​​trying to find some way to stop the Greek. “The first time I came across the wall was two years ago”reflected the two-time MVP when asked by the famous ‘Giannis Wall’. “I have always been able to overcome it in the past, and I have always liked it. It is about finding the released player, the good passing line and the play that plays at all times ”.

Before Williams’ complaints about the refereeing, Anteto responded with a laugh and pointed to his face to illustrate the slaps that the Suns have given him: “They have given me well under the rim, I have marks here and here, so they are making me very ugly.”

Mike budenholzer expect a furious reaction from Phoenix, especially Devin Booker. “He’s a huge player, but he’s human,” the technician commented. “We hope to have to defend him even better, and we are ready to see his best version in the fourth game. “

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