Davidovich despairs of the strange but effective Brooksby

Alejandro Davidovich crashed into a wall called Jenson Brooksby this Friday, which returned most of his powerful blows and with a mixture of defense and counterattack, he won the quarterfinals of the European Open in Antwerp by 7-5 and 6-0 in 1h: 43. The 20-year-old and 70-year-old American, who fans will remember because he beat Djokovic a set at the last US Open, He will face Argentine Diego Schwartzman in the semifinals, which he reaches for the third time in this season’s tournaments., who got rid of another American, Brandon Nakashima.

The key to the match was at the end of the first set, when Dadivovich, after making a great effort to overcome a disadvantage break conceded in the fourth game, He found another break at the worst moment, when he was looking for 6-6 and the subsequent tiebreaker. Brooksby, who has a peculiar style, rather ugly but effective (only 13 unforced errors against 37 from Malaga), starting with his strange serve and his way of doing the backhand cut with two hands, he overcame his difficulties to handle himself from the middle of the court up with an ease to generate power with his drive and, therefore, constant pressure on his rival.

In the second heat, Alejandro looked hard for the break at the start, but wasted three opportunities and no longer added games to his scoreboard. With a final 8-0 run between the last part of the first set and the entire second, Brooksby, a real toothache with a difficult game to decipher, took the victory comfortably the victory.

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