Cuspinera: “Unfortunately we have to wait”

Cuspinera, coach of the Movistar
Students, regretted the defeat of his team before San Pablo Burgos that leaves him on the brink of descent, from which he will only escape if the Bilbao
Basket he loses his last game on Sunday, and he was upset that salvation no longer depends on them despite the great effort made this Friday.

“It does not depend on us and we have to wait unfortunately to see what happens on Sunday,” said the coach at a press conference, who was “proud” of his team’s game despite the fact that “it was not enough” and that is why he said take “full responsibility”

He also wanted to acknowledge the sacrifice of a squad “that has reached the limit of its strength” and that at the end of the clash had players who “could not wear pants or shirts.”

He explained that his players began “very nervous” due to the tension that the game entailed, until the departure of the young Nacho
Stream Y Ruben
Dominguez “He drove the team, which began to defend and did not stop doing it until the end.”

“We play against a great team, in which Kravic did us a lot of damage in the first quarter, attacking slim, and then, as expected, the little ones took the lead and were very successful with the triples, “he said. Cuspinera.

He stressed that his men were able to fight “to the limit of their strength” to reach a final match “more or less tied”, in which in his opinion fortune did not accompany them in some actions and rejects.

“The locker room is screwed up, and so am I, as is evident. I have not been able to equip the team with the necessary weapons to achieve victory today or in any other previous game and now we will have to wait for Sunday,” concluded the student coach.

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