CSKA’s strengths and weaknesses

To the CSKA Moscow it is not among the most efficient teams in the Euroleague in attack or defense. It occupies the seventh position in the ranking of both concepts, which does justice to a balanced game in which its physical conditions rule but also the talent of players indicated in a not too extensive rotation.


Where those of Itoudis and they are indisputable leaders is on the rebound. Ensuring 53% of the catches in all hoops, there is no other team that has worried them in this regard, standing out above all in offense (36.9%) which allows them to maintain a remarkable high in attack thanks to second options of threw. Milutinov, who could only play until January, was the great dominator in that facet, even ahead of Tavares in bounces per minute, but then Shengelia, Voigtmann, Eric or Bolomboy they have kept the type. Although he has been seen training recently, the Serbian center is not expected to be in Cologne to help the team.


Another of the values ​​of the team that trains Itoudis it is your ability to travel to the free throw line. It is the team that has the most pitches of this type in matches throughout the country. Euroleague which speaks well of the rhythm management and the use of bonus situations. Also the damage he does with penetrations or completions of his big men near the rim.

Toko Shengelia is the inner reference of the team.

Toko Shengelia is the inner reference of the team.

Its main references are Clyburn Y Shengelia, Yes OK Hilliard He has taken center stage in many games for his talent in attack. It is a team with experienced players with good physiques who know how to handle pressure situations such as a Final
Four and those who should not be ruled out at all.


The main weak point would be a certain decrease in its external potential with the loss of Mike
James, also of determination and leadership in important moments. His decline can be seen in that aspect although the improvement in team chemistry and the stability gained with the recent renewal of Itoudis in the coaching position can also compensate for it.


Also in the base position he can suffer if Hackett is charged with fouls or has problems.

In the playoff games against Fenerbahçe, he stood out for the points scored after the loss of the rival, which also speaks of the cohesion and the good physical and defensive moment of the team. Without a doubt, the great technical and tactical bets of the Itoudis teams.

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