CSKA Moscow and Anadolu Efes, on the attack in search of the final

Few matches are more uncertain than the first semifinal with which CSKA Moscow Y Anadolu efes they will open this Final four from Cologne. In the regular phase the Russians prevailed in Moscow by an overwhelming 100-65 while the Turks returned the ball to them in Istanbul by an almost identical score (100-70). Efes have won two of the last three games between them but the CSKA had taken the previous ten, including the 2019 grand finale in Vitoria, where he prevailed 83-91. The only thing we can hope for with absolute certainty is an open field battle between the two best attacks in the competition.

Since the disappointment of Vitoria the Efes It has shown itself to be the most powerful team in Europe. He clearly led the past Euroleague at the time when the pandemic forced the season to be canceled and this year he overcame a start full of doubts to return to show an extraordinary game as the months passed. Supported by the best foreign couple in Europe, the one that make up the MVP Vasilje Micic and the electric and almost indefensible Shane larkin, The team of Ergin ataman seems slightly favorite.

However, ahead of you will have a rock capable of overcoming almost anything. For example, due to injury to his great inner strut, the Serbian pivot Nikola Milutinov, and the march of his great offensive referent, Mike james, home from his repeated run-ins with the technician Dimitris Itoudis.

The CSKA will try to take advantage of its great rebounding ability and of the experience of the Greek in this type of appointments (two Euroleague as first coach and another five as second). The Anadolu Efes, for its part, must rely on the imbalance created by Micic Y Larkin, capable of breaking the defense to score themselves or facilitate the baskets of their teammates. If one team leaves the other below 80 points, they will have a final half in their pocket.

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