Claver: “The game against Lenovo has to serve us”

The Valencian forward of the Barça Victor Claver hopes that the visit of the Barça team to Tenerife this saturday to face the Lenovo, in the last match of the regular phase, serve as a rehearsal for the Cologne Final Four.

“We are with our heads on the Final Four but it is a game against a great team and it has to serve us,” he said. Claver in statements released by the club. “We have to take advantage of these games to arrive in the best possible shape and be all confident and in good shape, knowing that we can meet Tenerife in the playoff,” he added.

Barça Y LenovoAfter securing second and third place respectively, nothing is being played in this match that could well be a harbinger of what a semifinal playoff would bring. First of all, Claver trust it to be used in a positive way. “Trying to have a high degree of concentration, that everyone is involved and that there are no injuries, which is important,” he stressed.

About him Lenovo, Claver has been full of praise: “They have had an incredible year. They have players in great shape and they are a dangerous team as they have shown in recent games, winning by a big difference. They aspire to go far in the playoff. “

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