Christian Vázquez shakes Colombian Luis Patiño to win controversial Game 3 in extra innings

Christian Vázquez's home run in the 13th inning gives the win to the ...

Lyou Boston Red Sox are one victory away from the American League Championship Series after Christian Vázquez will define Game 3 in the 13th inning, hitting a two-run homer to lay the Rays on the ground, 6-4.

The last chapter of this third installment of the series had much more, including controversy at the top of that same episode. With a runner in first, Kevin Kiermaier hit a deep hit to center right that hit the warning strip and ended up in the stands. A ground double was scored, but replays showed that the ball bounced in, bounced off the fence and then off Hunter Renfroe’s humanity.

The Rays asked for the two additional bases to the position in which the runners were at the time the ball left the field of play, which represented breaking the tie, but they were not given. Nick Pivetta struck out Zunino to end the inning and Vázquez solved everything.

Boston rallied to not Nathan Eovaldi’s best start, who allowed a two-run homer on the first roll to Austin Meadows.

But before finishing the first third of the game, they were already winning it, making one in the first and two in the third. Kiké Hernández added one more in the fifth, before the relay failed.

Wander franco cut with home run solitaron in the eighth and Randy Arozarena tied it that same inning with a two-out single that brought Manny Margot to the register.

Extra innings were required, but there were few threats until the 13th inning brought the chaos that leaves Tampa Bay, the best team on the Young Circuit in the regular season, against the wall and they risk their lives tomorrow at Fenway.

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