Chris Taylor appears fired up and maintains the illusion of a comeback for the Dodgers

Taylor was a critical part of the magical night for the Dodgers.

Lhe Dodgers came 1-3 in their bid to be the 16th franchise in history to turn a terror scoreboard. Brief for their part, they were confident to be to a win to reach the World Series and leave the reigning champions behind. However, the locals sang each of the 11 races to give him the victory and stay alive.

Los Angeles fans flocked to Dodger Stadium to cheer on their team, albeit quickly the visitors moved to the top of the scoreboard with a single by Albies so that Freddie would come later Freeman to send the first homer and add a couple of runs after a bad curve given by Kelly. The player did not last even the first inning because he felt discomfort and Phillips came to the revelation.

Philips started working, immediately dispatched four batters. That gave the Dodgers room to return to the second inning to tie and Pollock didn’t disappoint because he then hit a home run.

Pujols reached the plate, singled to left field. The Angelenos made four straight singles, prior to this moment and Taylor drove in with a home run. and put the Dodgers up on the board.

Pollock climbed to the plate once more to generate danger, another single to his account that welcomed Pujols in the third inning, which was a hit for Pollock to climb to third base. But things did not end there, with a Pollock RBI single went up to a two-run lead.

Fried had a bad night and left in the end a walk for Pujols. Taylor took control of the bat and Chris Martin on his first occasion sent a ball to which Taylor set his sights on her and as a sniper he threw her into the deep end and give her a few runs.

Eddie Rosario sang the 12th hit in the Championship Series, the second best rpostseason record for the Braves in its history. In front is Javy Lopez with 13 in 1996, Marauis Grissom with 12 in the same year and Mark Lemke the same in 96. The problem is that it was not enough because of the bad defensive period.

In exchange for Lee on the mound, Taylor held the bat and yelled the third home run, the first Major League Baseball player to do so in a direct elimination postseason game. Within the statistics, Taylor was the figure because he attended six RBI, plus his four hits and three home runs.

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