“Cheaters! Cheaters!” Atlanta does not forget the theft of signals and receives the Astros with shouts in Game 3

Atlanta fans welcome hostile Astros from ...

Lto World Series He moved to Los Bravos Park for the Game 3. For the first time, the Astros are playing on the road and were met with a hostile welcome.

Not only was it the storm that fell the last two days and was still present at the start of the game, but the crowd does not forget the signal theft scandal of 2017.

Jose Altuve, one of the main indicated in the theft of signals, was the first to bat and the Braves fans screamed at the top of their lungs ‘Cheaters! Cheaters! ‘ (Cheaters! Cheaters!).

Alex Bregman, another of the players who remain from the 2017 team, also had the same reception.

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