Castellón descends mathematically to First RFEF

He played it CD Castellón in Castalia. It was to win or win and wait for third results or be practically doomed to decline. And it was not the day. And also, the third results were not expensive either. Castellón completed its descent and is now a First RFEF team.

It was frankly difficult for Sergi Escobar on his return to the bench of the ‘orellut’ team after the dismissal of Juan Carlos Garrido. But neither Rayo gave an option, nor the Albinegros were able to put the ground in between against a team that was risking their presence in the playoff for promotion to First Division and that planted battle from practically the beginning of the game.

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The match began very evenly, but it was Iraola’s men, who repeated the scheme after their victory against Oviedo, who were around the goal the most in the opening stages. Álvaro García would send her out after a good combinatorial move in minute 6 and Isi did the same in 16 ‘after a counterattack, although the distant shot went wide. Little by little Castellón improved, which surprised with a quick play culminating in an attempt by Marc Mateu, who finished off a very clear chance for the ‘orelluts’ at the first minute.

controversy in castalia The game script changed and the forces were equalized, although the final stretch of the first half was marked by the VAR. First, Rayo requested a penalty from Álvaro Campos on Qasmi in a fist outing in which he did not touch the ball and knocked down the attacker and then Castellón had a goal disallowed for an offside; a real blow because it was a bit psychological in the 45th minute, the work of Iago Indias, and that did not go up to the scoreboard because of Bodiger’s heel.

blow at the resumption The drama was even more, because Castellón dismissed his options to add in a matter of two minutes. Luca Zidane took out, ball for Catena and long for Álvaro García, who controlled and won the back to the center … center to Qasmi and goal on the first touch. And just a minute later, Fran García took out a missile to surprise Álvaro Campos and make it 0-2. Part of the fans glimpsed, in a matter of two minutes, how their team was saying goodbye in a mathematical way to the category to which it was so difficult to return.

The dream of permanence in the 49th minute was gone and the rest of the game served to despair Castalia. Part of the fans left and the people who stayed saw how Castellón was shocked; no reaction capacity. Rayo was able to make ‘blood’, but remained at 0-2. Castellón, who returned to Segunda ten years ago ten months ago, said goodbye to LaLiga again yesterday.

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