Caruso, arrested in Texas for possession of marijuana

The Los Angeles Lakers reserve point guard, Alex Caruso, was arrested and released with two minor offenses for possession of marijuana and what the Texas A&M police called “paraphernalia”.

The event occurred in the easterwood airport when the player was about to board a flight, sources from the investigation reported to the ESPN.

Agents searched Caruso’s luggage and found a marijuana grinder inside. The player was arrested for possession of less than two grams of drug and was released after pay the corresponding deposit.

The player, who played at Texas A&M University, he’s a free agent this coming summer. At 27, he has been a very important player from the bench for last season’s champions in the NBA. He has averaged 6, 4 points, 2.9 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 58 games this season.

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