Carreño: "I wanted like crazy to be in some games"

Pablo Carreño left the track crying. And he appeared before the media with the brightness in his eyes of someone who has done something great. At 30, he is in his prime.

-What feelings did you have during the game? Did you think of a time when you could lose?

-It was a very important game. After beating Medvedev in the quarterfinals, it seemed that the medal was approaching and yet it receded after my defeat and that of Djokovic in the semi-finals. But I recovered physically and mentally. I prepared it tactically very well with my coach (Samuel López). I had a moment of doubt when I couldn’t close the second set. But in the third game of the third set I gained momentum again. It is a tremendous joy.

-Is it different to win a medal to win a tournament?

-I’m even happier. It is a new sensation. I have won Davis Cup, ATP titles, I have come far in important tournaments … But this is indescribable. I felt all the support from Spain, from Asturias, from my relatives, from people who don’t follow tennis so much. I’ve received a million messages encouraging me after losing. People did not fall apart and believed in me.

-What were you thinking when you fell to the ground?

-I couldn’t think anything. I couldn’t believe it. Perhaps in all the people who have supported me, in so many years of sacrifice, in the family that suffers with you and in seeing that I am going to get on the podium. Something that he had dreamed of many times.

-In the tournament there were important resignations, also from Spaniards. Why did you prioritize the Games?

-It was very important to me. In Rio I was among the top 30, but I was the sixth Spanish ranking and I was left out. Since then, he wanted like crazy to be in a Games. When I found out that they weren’t going to celebrate, I was blown away. But in the end I have arrived in a very good physical and mental moment, as I showed all week. Bronze is a dream come true.

-What did you tell the judge after Djokovic broke his racket?

-I was asking him, because he thought it was the second warning (reprimand that would have cost the Serbian a point) after throwing the racket into the third amphitheater and breaking another one in his face. But it seems that doing that was not enough. Maybe it is difficult to follow the rules when you are facing the number one in the world.

-Your coach, Samuel López, repeats that life is for the brave. Are you braver now?

-Since I arrived at the academy (Equelite, by Juan Carlos Ferrero), Samu has insisted a lot that I have to win the games. I am older and at 30 years old I am enjoying and doing my best games at the game and mental level. I went for the game. I believed and got the reward.

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