Carlos Sainz, for the podium in a Monaco GP in which Fernando Alonso will try to save the ridiculous

Carlos Sainz, in Monaco

Carlos Sainz, in Monaco
Carlos Sainz, in Monaco
Scuderia Ferrari

All or nothing. Carlos Sainz has a golden opportunity to get on the podium (although, strictly, in Monaco there is no podium) of the most legendary Grand Prix of the Formula 1. Especially since it has been put in front of him before the start.

Schumacher and Alonso, at the 2006 Monaco GP

Things that can only happen in Monaco: divers to the rescue, prostitutes, a lost diamond …

The Madrilenian qualified fourth, three positions behind his teammate, a Charles Leclerc It seemed that he had saved the car with some luck after the accident that ended qualifying on Saturday … Or so I thought: on the training lap complained of gearbox problems, affected in the crash. He had to pit to finally quit.

The Monegasque wanted to end his particular curse in the circuit of his house (literal: it passes under his home), but for this he will have to go out and, if he succeeds, support Max verstappen already Valtteri Bottas. Now the Dutchman is the big favorite to hit the general standings.

Lewis hamilton is practically ruled out, coming out 7th (sixth really after Leclerc’s KO, at least to fight for the podium. Much worse is the Fernando Alonso, that from the 17th place if he reaches the points he can be satisfied.

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