Carlos Correa: “I want to build a winning culture in the Twins”

Correa speaks after signing with the Twins.

Carlo Correa declared that October “is his moment.” It certainly hasn’t been for Minnesota.

The Twins hope the Puerto Rican will change the dynamic, even if your stay in Minneapolis is short.

“I want to build a winning culture in the organization”, Correa said.

Former Houston Astros star donned the Twins’ No. 4 jersey during his formal introduction Wednesday, five days after he agreed to a three-year, $105.3 million deal. The player has options to get out of the contract after the first and second campaigns.

The Twins have gone 18 straight postseason games without a win. His last win was in October 2004 and the most recent loss was in the wild-card round in 2020, with Correa hitting a go-ahead home run at Target Field to complete the sweep of Houston.

Correa is a World Series champion and cemented his caste in the playoffs last fall by celebrating the go-ahead home run against Boston by targeting his wrist, turning to the dugout and saying “it’s my time”.

“It raises confidence because you’re just a person who’s done it before,” Twins manager Rocco Baldelli said.

It’s part of the reason a low-market team like Minnesota opted for an unusual deal. Correa’s average salary will be $35.1 million. He fell just short of Mike Trout’s $36 million deal with the Angels. This is an amount that, at the beginning of the campaign, will exceed what is expected in the payrolls of Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

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