Carles Duran: “We want to take advantage of our good time”

The Joventut can sign virtually this Saturday (8:45 p.m.) at the Martín Carpena de Malaga his classification for the Endesa League playoffs if he defeats one of his direct rivals, the Unicaja.

The green and black are seventh with eighteen wins, while the Malaga team, which has played two games less than the Catalan, is ninth with fourteen wins, so the pressure will be on the side of the Andalusian team.

A green-black triumph, accompanied by the ‘basket average’ for his triumph in Badalona (81-73), would allow the Joventut get rid of Unicaja in the fight for seventh position, as it would lead him in five victories after beating last Wednesday the Baxi
Manresa (96-68).

The Penya has put the direct in the last two games against Lenovo Tenerife (90-85) and the Baxi
Manresa based on defense and in the last duel against the Manresa team recovering the choral game that has given him so much this season.

“We continue with a lot of concentration in this final stretch of the league and despite the fact that we continue to have important losses -in Xabi López-Arostegui– the group is showing that it is above any situation. We want to take advantage of our good moment to add a new victory that brings us closer to the goal “, said coach Carles Last to the club’s media.

The Penya You already know what it’s like to win this season on the Malaga track. He did it in the first match of the ‘Top 16’ of the Eurocup (86-95), and then fell into Badalona (77-90) in the second round of that phase of the European competition.

Last He commented that the “difficulty” that playing on the Malaga court involves for his team is focused “above all on the talent” that the Unicaja in his squad that he says has “a potential to be among the four best teams” of the championship.

The green-black coach put his own names to the Malaga threat. “Darío Brizuela and Jaime Fernandez are capable of generating many points and Deon Thompson it always hurts us in the inner game ”, he highlighted.

Forward Xabi López-Arostegui and the Demetrius bases Jackson and Arturs Zagars will be the casualties, due to injury, of the Badalona team for this match, according to the Catalan club.

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