Can you imagine a coach in Spain celebrating the Conference League like this?

There are ways and means to celebrate the goals achieved but the palm may take it Leonid Slutsky, what has qualified Rubin Kazan for the next and first edition of the new Conference League and has decided to make a video with a unique little dance dressed in local clothing and in which the Rubin Kazan logo appears in the background rotating in a spiral with a ‘chroma key’ effect.

It may interest you

  • Victoria, the ‘Young Talent’ who reigns over the female raspall.

  • Earrings of the ‘crack’ of Monaco.

  • Firm bet on young talent.

The coach, with extensive experience already in Russian football, came to a Rubin in a complex situation as he had been suspended for two years without playing European competition due to debt. A new directive arrived and prepared a long-term project. I arrive Leonid Slutsky and bet on young talent which has led them to cabanr in the fourth position guaranteed by the Conference.

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