Budenholzer: “It is a victory of mental strength but there is still a lot to do”

Few minutes after the final whistle, Mike
Budenholzer he appealed to his players for calm. Milwaukee Bucks had just tied the NBA title series but there was still a lot of work to do: “It’s going to be very difficult, we haven’t done anything yet”.

The Bucks coach did emphasize the great work of his team and the exhibition that Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton last night: “It’s one of those mental toughness victories. Seeing how the two of them understand each other on the court and how the team is on their backs is wonderful ”.

Budenholzer also spoke about how he envisions the tie going forward and said his team has to get “In attack mode” to get the two parties they need. “We already know each other, now it’s all going to be dog-faced”He declared.

Monty Williams, coach of Phoenix, also wanted to make an assessment after the defeat suffered by his team: “Turnovers have us sunk tonight. We shot very well but much less than them, that was the key ”.

The Suns struggled to find basket options beyond what Devin Booker he was able to generate himself. However, the shooting guard’s foul problems limited his contribution: “could have gone over 50 tonight but I think we handled it well in terms of minutes ”.

Williams also spoke about the defense over Antetokounmpo and how his team managed to limit the contribution of the Greek: “I think we force him to play differently, especially in static so that it moves away from the rim. We want to get you out of your rhythm and also stop you in transition. We can improve further, however”.

Another who went to a press conference was one of the great protagonists of the meeting, Devin Booker. Asked about his individual performance, he was clear: “It doesn’t matter, I said it after my bad game a few days ago. The important thing is to win and what happens during the match does not matter ”.

Paul he also intoned the mea culpa and admitted that it was the main cause of the defeat by his losses. “That’s my thing, I’ve lost five balls. It has been bad decision-making on my part, bad passes and the truth is that we have to do a better job in that regard ”, assumed the point guard.

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