Basketball surrenders to the legend of an eternal Kobe

The Hall of Fame Naismith Memorial, located in Springfield, Massachusetts, this Saturday settled the debt it had with Kobe
Bryant, making official his entry into this olympus of world basketball legends. He did it in an emotional ceremony in the presence of some outstanding companions of the legendary star of the Lakers and with protagonism of his family, his wife Vanessa and his daughters.

The ceremony corresponded to the entry of the chosen generation in 2020, an event postponed last year due to the pandemic. The event was broadcast live on ESPN for the entire country.

The admission speech of Kobe the institution was in charge of Michael
Jordan and among the guests was Pau Gasol, who has taken advantage of the rest days in competition at Barça to enjoy this leave and be with the one who was his partner in the conquest of his two championship rings.

Tim duncan Y Kevin Garnett, fellow members of the Hall, spent decades struggling with Bryant Throughout their careers and both, also honored, spoke of the admiration they had for him. “It was your biggest competition and it brought out the best in you,” he said. Duncan, “And that’s what Kobe always did. You always had to do your best and do your best from start to finish whether you played against him or any of his teams. ”

Vanessa and Natalia Bryant, Kobe's widow and daughter, receiving the Kobe Hall of Fame induction jacket.

Vanessa and Natalia Bryant, Kobe’s widow and daughter, receiving the Kobe Hall of Fame induction jacket.

Garnett, who competed with Kobe in the 2008 finals and for many seasons in other battles in the league, commented that “you can go through the list of NBA greats and I couldn’t pick two better players; not only that, but two better people, to go to the Hall of Fame. They are both class acts and incredible players. “

As usual, the income of Kobe was preceded by parallel events during this weekend, among which the inauguration of the special exhibition dedicated to his figure in this enclosure stood out and that his widow toured it on Friday, Vanessa. It will become the “most talked about” exhibit at the Show, according to John Doleva, president and CEO.

“The family had time to think about what they wanted to do,” Doleva said during the press conference. He added that “it deals with the achievements of Kobe, but also what it was like after he left the Lakers and after he quit basketball. “

Vanessa bryant prepared a statement in lieu of answering questions that was read by event host Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated. “It is an honor for Kobe to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame,” he said. Vanessa bryant in the statement. He added that “I look forward to celebrating Kobe’s legacy. On behalf of our family, we appreciate the continued love and support of fans around the world. ”

Vanessa and Natalia Bryant, widow and eldest daughter of Kobe, they received the jacket and the ring that their father should have worn if he were still present in a moment and a powerful and emotional image.

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