Barça B renounces LEB Oro and will play in EBA

The Barça B, despite having achieved promotion to the LEB
Gold due to sporting merits on May 29 after beating the Basque Zornotza in the promotion playoff, he has resigned from the category, and next season he will play in the EBA League.

As the Barça club reported on Friday, the decision was made after assessing different aspects that include the training of the players and the cost of the category.

To make this change the Barça has reached an agreement with him Força
Lleida, to whom he has yielded his place in the LEB
Gold. The group from ilerdense, for its part, has yielded its place of the LEB
Silver to the Barça.

Subsequently, the Barça club has agreed with the Cornellà the transfer of his place of the LEB
Silver for that of the League
EBA, category to which the club of the Baix Llobregat.

The FC Barcelona indicated that “the main function of the subsidiary, which is to train players, people and nurture the first team, will not change despite the change in category.”

It should be noted that during the last two seasons players like Leandro Bolmaro, Sergi Martinez, Brancou Badio, Ibou Badji or Michael Caicedo, the latter still in junior age, they have already debuted with the first team.

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