Aubameyang “is ready” for Villarreal

Arsenal player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang assured this Wednesday that he is mentally to “100 percent” to play the second leg of the Europa League semifinal against Villarreal, although physically he recognized that, perhaps, he “90 percent”, after recovering from malaria.

The Gabonese striker made these statements at the press conference prior to Thursday’s clash in London against the Spanish team, which in the first leg beat the team led by Mikel Arteta by 2-1.

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“I think I lost four kilos. FIt was a really bad time and I think my family got really scared seeing me like this. I’m lucky that we caught it in time because sometimes if you don’t treat malaria quickly you can have serious problems, “Aubameyang explained.

The footballer announced on April 15 that he contracted malaria during the window of international matches in which he played with Gabon and after missing several games later with Arsenal, he was already present at the Estadio de la CerĂ¡mica, where, however, he wasted a good chance to tie the game.

He was noticed more fit and recovered last weekend, scoring a goal against Newcastle in the Premier. Arteta is counting on him again for this tie, “for matches like this, in which you have to give everything not to regret it later,” Aubameyang warned today.

After the match you have to know that you have given everything to win it. Of course, we must not forget that we must enjoy the field because that is the way to play well, when we enjoy ourselves, “argued the Gabonese striker.

He also acknowledged that it has been a difficult season for him, in which “everyone expected him to score more goals.” “Maybe I feel a bit responsible for the situation we find ourselves in, but we have an opportunity to change it. “Aubameyang added, on the eve of a match that may give the Gunners a chance to lift a European trophy this season.

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