Atlanta Braves silences Dodger Stadium and puts champion on the ropes

Rosario opened the scoring in the second roll

LThe Los Angeles Dodgers arrived at the diamond with Julio Urías as starter to try to tie the Championship Series against the Braves at home after lose the first two games and after turning it around at the end of the third game and make it difficult to go to the Fall Classic. However, they couldn’t beat Atlanta because Urías let go of three home runs in a bad game for the player.

But the night seemed that it would not be for the Mexican because in the second high entrance, Braves hit two homers immediately. The first from the hand of Eddie Rosario who hit the ball dry after a straight from Uriah.

The count did not end there in the second inning because Duvall took advantage of the pitcher’s nervousness and scored another home run.

Jesse Chavez did not last as long as a starter, he immediately went to the mound Drew Smyly who did not leave a good feeling on his turn. Uriah was not at his best either, he still wasn’t warming up his arm because he threw a high pitch that Eddie Friedman used to hit the third home run just in the third inning.

Eddie Rosario faced Urías again, almost then hitting the ball that bounced more than expected to register a triple. Already in the anteroom of the diamond, Pederson gave a fly that stung in the field and thus facilitated Rosario and raise the lead. And the last was from Duvall than with another RBI they were already five above.

Smyly continued until the fifth inning when in an unstoppable double by Turner and Bellinger, the Dodgers already had two running backs on the corners. So Chris Martin came in reliever to the rescue to prevent the locals from shortening the slate.

Taylor welcomed Martin with a hit that caused an out, but the next turn Bellinger took second base and an unstoppable RBI from Pollock drove in a pair of runs. and was 5-2 in the fifth inning.

Julio Urías did not follow any more, Bickford entered change to the mound. Anyway the Dodgers added more than 14 bases in their first 10 postseason games, the first team since the Braves in 1999 when they scored 18 and behind the 15 scored by the Mets.

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