Atlanta Braves end 26 years without World Series title

Lyou Atlanta Braves had to wait 26 years to see the light again in the World Series. A team that always got into the fight for the crown, but that he stayed in the previous rounds leaving his cabinets empty. Now the long drought came to an end, with the 7-0 victory over the Astros in Game 6 were able to lift the crown once again.

This is just your fourth World Series in its history, one that has been of suffering for its fans, who have to be going through long streaks of more than 20 years to be able to achieve glory again.

The last and most recent was in 1995, when they won the Series against the Cleveland Indians 4-2, after being absent from the title fight for a long 38 years. His first two crowns were in the years 1914 and 1957.

Since that title against Cleveland, the Braves have gone through an unbearable ordeal. In 1996 they returned to the World Series, but were swept 3-0 by the Bronx bombers. In 1997, they stayed in the Championship Series against the Florida Marlins falling 2-4. A year later they reached the same round, but now the Padres took them over at 2-4 in the series.

It was until 1999 that they returned to the World Series, after dispatching to the Houston Astros, New York Mets, but the mythical ones were measured again Yankees who swept them again, this time 0-4.

In 2000 they stayed in the Division Series against Cardinals, while in 2001 they stayed in the antechamber of the title against the Diamondbacks (1-4). His luck did not improve in seasons 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, since in all they remained in the Divisional Series.

Their misstep in the MLB led them to miss five consecutive seasons. of the postseason, appearing again in 2010 where they lost 1-3 in the Division Series to the San Francisco Giants. In 2012 they appeared in the Wild Card game, but without success. And a season later they would stay in the Division Series against the Dodgers.

A new streak would take them away from the postseason and in 2018 they would face the Los Angeles Dodgers where they fell 1-3, while in 2019 they said goodbye in the Division Series against Cardinals.

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