Alonso will reveal how his return to F1 was negotiated in the second season of his series on Amazon Prime Video

Fernando Alonso, in a chapter of his documentary series

Fernando Alonso, in a chapter of his documentary series
Fernando Alonso, in a chapter of his documentary series
Amazon Prime Video

The platform Amazon Prime Video It has turned to sports content, to the point that documentary fans will have so much to choose from that they will hardly have time.

Fernando Alonso, during the recording of his documentary series

The secrets of ‘Fernando’, the Amazon documentary that reviews Alonso’s time outside of F1

During the next months up to seven new series will be released, one of them the second season of the Fernando Alonso, which will have one of the most anticipated points and that was left out of the first: how his return to Formula 1 was conceived.

In four chapters (less than the first season), the cameras of Mediapro, who is the one who produced the documentary, they follow the Asturian pilot and his surroundings. His arrival in Enstone, calls from Renault (now Alpine), the first contacts … The intrahistory of a return yearned for by many of his fans, but also the doubts that existed in a difficult year like 2020 marked by the pandemic and by the vital changes that Alonso himself suffered.

The release date is August 24.

The new documentaries: Sainz, Severiano, Simeone, Pau Gasol …

In addition to the continuation of the Alonso series, there will be other new content. One of them starring, precisely, by a good friend of the Asturian: Carlos Sainz. In this case, the rally driver will count in ‘Live to compete’ what it is like to be a benchmark in the world of four wheels for more than three decades, from its first races to the last Dakar.

Pau Gasol is already training with Barça.

Pau Gasol will premiere a documentary series of his last days as a professional

Another reference in his sport is Severiano Ballesteros, about whose figure a movie will be released. Titled ‘It looks‘, the life and successes of the legendary Cantabrian golfer will be told, with the participation of myths such as Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player or Greg Norman, in addition to Txema Olazábal or the Ballesteros brothers themselves.

Pau Gasol will be a double protagonist: first because there will be a series of his own and second because ‘The family’, the story about the Spanish basketball team and how this generation has changed the way of understanding this sport in Spain.

Football is not left out of the Amazon catalog: ‘Simeone: Live match by match‘, about the technician of the Atlético de Madrid or ‘The White Legend‘, centered on the Real Madrid, they will share with those already released on Sergio Ramos, among other football figures.

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