“Alcaraz is the best positioned to succeed Federer, Nadal and Djokovic”

Toni Nadal has also wanted to join the analysis of the figure of Carlos Alcaraz in recent days after the victory of the young Murcian tennis player against Stefanos Tsitsipas in the third round of the US Open. In his usual column in El PaĆ­s, the coach, who advises the Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime (Alcaraz’s rival this morning) wanted to highlight the keys to the great performance of the Spanish tennis player.

Toni Nadal analyzed Alcaraz’s game in this way, highlighting above all his forehand game and his good ability for other blows such as the backhand or his serve. “The tennis player from Murcia has everything he needs to quickly aspire to the maximum sporting feats. His game has no cracks. He is a very complete tennis player, with a clean and easy technique that allows him to generate great shots from any position. He stands out above all his forehand, undoubtedly already one of the best on the circuit. If the reverse is good and solid. It has a considerable service speed, since it exceeds 210 km / h without difficulty. And his volley, although it can be improved, allows him to go to the net without precipitation “.

Nadal also highlights that during the game against Tsitsipas, Alcaraz made it clear that he knows how to move well with different styles of play. “In addition, he shows a maturity unbecoming of his age and an ability to control his nerves only within the reach of a few. Before Tsitsipas he displayed the qualities he treasures. His game was aggressive but not without subtlety.; he supported his devastating blows from the back of the court with precise drops and clever raises to the net. And he gave the Hellenic player no truce only in the fourth set. “

Finally, ‘Uncle Toni’ highlights that he does not believe that Alcaraz is a coincidence and believes that he can repeat it many times, to the point of stating that he is the best positioned player to succeed great figures such as Roger Federer, Rafa on the circuit Nadal or Novak Djokovic. “When I analyze a player after a victory of this nature, the first question I ask myself is whether the tennis player has been forced to make extraordinary blows to defeat his rival, if he has displayed a level that is hardly within his usual reach And if his victory is due to the fact of playing beyond his possibilities, in this case I did not have that impression. Carlos played a great game but he did not leave me feeling that what I was seeing could not be repeated with much assiduity. I think that, in case someone had them, there are no doubts. Spanish tennis not only has a promising horizon; it has Carlos Alcaraz, who is not only the present, but probably the best positioned player to succeed the Big Three on the world stage. “

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