Alcaraz: “I will continue to be the same boy, the same player”

Felix Auger-Aliassime and Carlos Alcaraz

Calm and collected after quitting in the US Open quarterfinals when trailing 6-3, 3-1 against Felix Auger-Aliassime, Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image He attended the media to confirm the injury that made him retire and assess his first step through a tournament to which he is already eager to return.

Injury: “Having played many games, very long, very hard, there are always little annoyances with which you can live and play, but the main problem, the one that has made me have to retire, has been the right adductor”.

Experience: “I have felt very supported by the public and it has been a fundamental factor. Without that I couldn’t have gotten this far. They have made me feel super good. I am very happy with this experience of having reached the quarterfinals ”.

Change: “I’m not leaving here changed. This tournament has made me mature a lot and it has given me experience for the future, but I will continue to be the same boy, the same player ”.

Heir to the Big Three: “For me it is good that they say things, because it means that I am doing well, but I do not give it more importance and tried not to put pressure on myself because all the media expect me to do everything those beasts have done, everything they have done. achieved. Everyone has to go their own way, pay attention to the team and learn from everything ”.

Lesson: “The greatest thing that I take from here is to face new moments, to play for the first time in Arthur Ashe against the number three in the world with the courage to face it. Knowing how to handle nerves like I did ”.

Sensations: “I am a player who does not like to ever retire and I am a little sad because of the way this great tournament has ended, but I am very happy with my performance, with all that I have learned and lived. I have had a great experience with me and obviously I really want to go back next year ”.

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