Albert Pujols targets Dodgers to break MLB market

Albert Pujols would come to the Dodgers for the remainder of the season.

Pit seemed that Albert Pujols was moving away from the Major Leagues after being released by the Angels on May 6, but everything would take a 90 degree turn, thanks to a rapprochement with the Dodgers who would put him back for the rest of the season.

According to information from the Los Angeles Times, Pujols would arrive to have a part-time role behind Max Muncy, in addition to giving the Dodgers more options to staff third and second base. The agreement would be for the remainder of the season.

Pujols was hitting alone .198 / .250 / .372 in his first 92 appearances at the plate this season, but his expected .513 slugging percentage.

The Angels are still responsible for their $ 30 million salary in the last year of his 10-year, $ 240 million contract. The Dodgers will pay him a prorated portion of the league minimum of $ 570,500.

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