Aaron Judge questions his vaccination status and sets off alarms in the Yankees for a possible ‘Kyrie Irving case’

Aaron Judge does not say if he is vaccinated.

ANDthe star of the Yankees, Aaron Judge dodged Tuesday to answer directly about whether or not you are vaccinated because New York City requires every employee of the private sector must be inoculated against the coronavirus.

“I remain focused on being ready for the first preseason game,” Judge said from the team’s training complex in Florida. “That will be seen when the time comes. But right now, a lot of things can change. I don’t worry about that right now.”

Like Kyrie Irving, the star of the Brooklyn Nets, unvaccinated players in Yankees and Mets will not be able to perform at home due to the edict from the city to the private company and which entered into force on December 27.

The order encompasses all activity of a sports team, either indoors or outdoors. A city official not authorized to speak publicly mentioned that there is still a month to go before the start of the season, too far to make a determination about what will happen next. time the city monitors COVID-19 cases.

In a statement, the Yankees said team president Randy Levine “is dealing with the city and other officials involved in this matter.”

The Yankees open their season at home against the Boston Red Sox on April 7. Even if the New York order is lifted, unvaccinated players from the Yankees would miss nine games in Toronto against the Blue Jays. The Canadian government requires that an individual receive a second dose of the vaccine – or one from Johnson & Johnson – at least 14 days before entry.

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