A history in danger: Estudiantes are playing their future today

The Movistar Students This afternoon (8.30 pm) faces one of the most dramatic and important matches in its recent history at the WiZink Center. The schoolboys dispute before San Pablo Burgos their last game of the current Endesa League in search of a victory that allows them to ensure the permanence in the highest category. If they don’t achieve their goal today, the Jota Cuspinera will still have a chance of salvation but it will be Retabet Bilbao, which could overtake him in the standings and cause his relegation if he wins his match this Sunday (12.30) against him Joventut in Miribilla. The Biscayns stopped depending on themselves when they fell this Thursday on the track of the Real Madrid

The Students You will not be able to count on this Friday Victor Arteaga neither Nemanja Djurisic, the two infected with covid and in home isolation. These casualties are joined by those of the injured Edwin jackson, Dovydas Giedraitis Y John roberson and of Jose Juan Barea, who decided to return to Puerto Rico before the end of the regular phase.

It is hoped that I can play Edgar vicedo, who is recovering from a sprained ankle and will force his reappearance in order to help his teammates.

In the first round match in Burgos the San Pablo was clearly imposed by 91-71. Students have placed themselves in their current delicate situation after lose their last eight games of the regular phase of the Endesa League.

Students Y Bilbao They fight to avoid the relegation place that leads to the penultimate final position. The other already has an owner for a couple of days and is for the bottom Acunsa GBC.

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